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The montessori bookcase was created with the intention of allowing the child to store, in an orderly manner, all of his or her books, notebooks, magazines, comics, and drawings. Four shelves designed according to the montessori method, as they are within the reach of the child himself, accessible without difficulty.

What is a Montessori Bookstore?

A Montessori Bookstore is more than just a collection of books; it is a space designed to stimulate children’s interest and enthusiasm for reading and learning. Inspired by Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy, our bookstore offers a wide range of books suitable for all ages and interests, as well as educational materials that promote cognitive and creative development.

Why choose a Montessori Bookcase?

The Montessori Bookstore offers many benefits for children’s development. In addition to promoting literacy and reading competence, it stimulates curiosity, imagination and critical thinking skills. It also provides an opportunity for exploration of new topics and concepts, thus enriching children’s educational experience.

Rounded edges

All edges are rounded and it has a capacity of more than 30 books thanks to its 3 shelves.

Both floor and wall

You can place it either on the floor or on the wall, as it has hooks in the front that allow it to be attached to the wall.

Craftsmanship 100% Made in Italy

A combination of structural stability, safe assembly technology with attractive design and lightness of form, made of natural and non-toxic wood, 100% made in Italy.

Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 30 cm
Material: birch wood

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easy assembly

The product is as described, easy assembly and happy baby! 😄 Thank you!
Fabiola Vairo

Weight 9999 kg