Celebrate love with Mami in Love: €20 gift for you


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a romantic atmosphere envelops us. It is the perfect time to show your affection toward your loved ones, and what could be more precious than a gift that relates to our children’s learning and psychomotor development?

On the occasion of this holiday dedicated to love, we are happy to present the Mami in Love promotion. Purchase any Montessori educational toy or furniture, with an amount of €99.90 or more, and immediately receive a €20 discount code!

This is an amazing opportunity because you can either use the code or donate it to someone you hold dear to your heart, but more importantly to enrich the world of little ones with educational and stimulating games.

The Montessori philosophy is based on the idea of providing children with an autonomous and engaging learning environment where they can explore, experiment and grow at their own pace. Montessori toys are carefully designed to encourage the development of cognitive, motor and social skills in a natural and fun way. With high-quality materials and creative designs, these toys are bound to become treasured treasures in every child’s life.

There is no better way to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day than to invest in our children’s learning and future. Take advantage of the “Mami in Love” promo and give a gift that will last forever in the memory and hearts of your loved ones.