Pillow made of a soft material, 100% cotton, ideal for being in contact with children. Perfectly compatible with the
Rainbow Rocker (Rocking) MAMI KIDS.
, has a hidden zipper that makes it removable and therefore conveniently machine washable. Drying can also be done in a tumble dryer.

It is 100% made in Italy and its cotton upholstery is ideal to ensure that its shape remains unchanged over time.

Select the color you prefer from our suggestions.

Material: 100% cotton
Designed for: Rainbow Rocker (Rocking) Mami Kids
Colors: polka dot pink, polka dot blue, star white, star green, star gray (see infographic)

Type and color

Pink polka dot pillow, Light blue polka dot pillow, White star pillow, Green star pillow, Gray star pillow, Pink polka dot pillowcase, Light blue polka dot pillowcase, White star pillowcase, Green star pillowcase, Grey star pillowcase

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