Exploring the Montessori Method… it’s time for Winter Sales with -20%

The Montessori educational method is renowned for its child-centered approach, stimulating learning through exploration and autonomy. For years, with pride in being 100% made in Italy, we have been offering an exclusive selection of educational toys and Montessori furniture designed to enrich the world of little ones. Here are some of our proposals!

Learning Tower: the learning tower for curious children

La Learning Tower of Mami Kids is the starting point for engaging children in daily activities. With this secure structure, little ones can participate in meal preparation, developing practical skills and increasing independence. You can select your preferred variant from natural wood color or white. And you can also enhance the Montessori Turret by adding a slide, chalkboard or both.

Triangle and Pikler’s Pathways: psychomotor adventures at your fingertips


Pikler Triangle

and the

Pikler’s Pathways

encourage psychomotor exploration in a safe way. These Montessori products develop motor skills, balance and coordination, while stimulating self-confidence. Pikler’s Triangle has an important advantage, namely the ramp that features a slide on one side and climbing rungs on the other, and is also available in the
version foldable
. In Pikler’s Pathways, however, the elements are perfectly integrated with each other: triangles, cubes, ramps and rockers.

Montessori bookcases: organized spaces for a curious mind

Bookcases Montessori
are designed to accommodate children’s curiosity. With low height shelves, they make books easily accessible, encouraging the pleasure of reading and autonomy in choosing materials. In addition to the wide selection of floor standing bookcases, there are also available the
Shelves Montessori shelves
to be attached directly to the wall, again at child height.

Montessori beds: adventurous dreams in cozy spaces

Beds Montessori
transform children’s bedrooms into a reassuring environment. With low height and attractive design, they promote independence and safety during sleep. Also available is the


of the appropriate size for montessori cribs.


With sales of -20% on all educational toys and furniture, you have the opportunity to integrate Montessori products into your children’s daily lives. Take advantage of this promotion to create a stimulating, safe and welcoming space where growth happens through active learning and discovery. The promo is valid until January 31, 2024, and cannot be combined with other current initiatives.

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