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The Montessori crib mattress, which has a height of 8 cm, has a removable cover for ease of washing the cover to ensure maximum hygiene for your child. The slab has perforated workmanship that allows better breathability and safety for rest, as does the complimentary pillow, which is also perforated.

In addition, the antibacterial Silver coating provides additional safety in terms of product hygiene. The stiffness of the mattress is designed for specific use by children for healthy growth.

Made in Italy product

The Bimbo mattress is made in Italy from premium materials to ensure the best quality and safety of rest for your baby. All production stages, are carried out in Italian factories with experience in the field of more than 40 years.

Oeko Tex

All of the materials used to make the Bimbo mattress are Oeko Tex certified, which ensures that no toxic or harmful substances are used for your baby. We carefully select materials and raw material suppliers to ensure maximum safety and quality.

Certi Pur Materials

CertiPUR is a voluntary program of verification, and analysis regarding the environmental sustainability, safety and healthiness of polyurethane foam used in the production of mattresses and upholstered furniture elements. CertiPUR specifies substances that are not allowed to be used in the production of polyurethane foams and sets strict maximum levels for certain components.

Tested for the EN16890:2021 standard

The Bimbo mattress, has been tested for the European standard for the safety of children’s mattresses by leading national laboratory. The standard specifies precise and strict testing standards carried out at multiple stages and relating to the entire product, from seams, coatings, flammability, washings and product rigidity, to ensure a safe and risk-free product for the child.