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This model designed by Mami Kids features three perfectly integrated structures: the Rainbow Rocker (montessori rocker), the multifunctional side table with chalkboard, and a children’s chair.

You can also select the variant that includes the ramp (slide on one side and climbing on the other), which, combined with the rocker, allows you to add even more psycho-motor activities to be done while using the Magic Table.

The Montessori donolo is presented as a design object, a piece of furniture and also a means of helping your child with coordination and balance.The fabulous rainbow rocker is a great classic of children’s toys and finds new life through a contemporary-inspired design.

Mami’s exclusive! On the one hand it is the classic rocker, but if you use it upside down it becomes a fantastic climbing frame, useful for strengthening your child’s motor skills.

The result is a beautiful object to admire, as well as nice and fun. Ideal for ages 2 and up, it features a protective ring and very wide curved bases, making it very safe for even the youngest children to combine fun with improved balance.

Moreover, thanks to the blackboard, the child can enjoy drawing and coloring. Colorful chalks are included! Under the board is a useful bag for storing games and items, keeping the room tidy. Finally, everything is seamlessly integrated, allowing you to gain space in the nursery or wherever you decide to place the Magic Table.

As usual, to safeguard children’s safety, all edges are rounded, avoiding the risk of splinters and critical edges.

Age: 2+
Rocking Dimensions
: 80 (length) x 50 (width) x 50 (height) cm
Seat heights: 15/22 cm
Included: screws and assembly instructions, bag, 2 pen holders, blackboard, colored chalks
Material: birch wood

NB: The Magic Table version without the Rocking is dedicated to those who already have the Rocking and intend to complete it with the Magic Table included of the chair with double height.

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Magic Table without Rocking, Magic Table with Swing, Magic Table with Swing and Ramp

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