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Pikler’s triangle is naturally finished and features a nontoxic, safe wood frame intended for children, invented by the Hungarian pediatrician for whom it is named. It takes the form of a triangle to climb up through steps, formed by sticks embedded along the sides of the structure, or up a ramp.

What can a child do with Pikler’s triangle?

This structure allows him to engage in a variety of motor activities. The main ones are: moving from sitting to standing, climbing, sliding, climbing up and down, climbing over, crawling, developing balance

In addition, this structure helps to strengthen the child’s self-esteem. Focusing on a movement activity such as this also encourages the use of a simple and essential play mode, free of distracting sounds and lights.

Why choose a Pikler’s Triangle?

Children love to move, and with Pikler’s Triangle they can do so safely, learning movement techniques and improving their motor skills. With this climbing frame, they learn movements, develop balance, become familiar with their bodies, all in absolute fun, stimulating creativity.

Craftsmanship 100% Made in Italy

Pikler’s Triangle is a combination of structural stability, safe assembly technology with attractive design and lightness of form, made of natural, non-toxic wood, 100% made in Italy. There are no removable and detachable parts that could be dangerous.

BIG triangle dimensions: 70 (height) x 70 (width) x 80 (base width) cm
BIG slide dimensions: 34 (width) x 85 (length) cm
SMALL triangle dimensions: 70 (height) x 60 (width) x 60 (base width) cm
SMALL slide dimensions: 34 (width) x 70 (length) cm
Material: natural wood
Included: slide

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in less than 48h

I purchased pliker triangle. Very good quality material, super fast shipping. In less than 48h it had already arrived. Highly recommended
Mariano D’Aulerio

serious and professional company

I purchased a Pikler triangle as a gift for my granddaughter, quality materiai, super fast delivery. Serious and professional company.
Francesco Inguscio


BIG triangle with slide, BIG triangle with slide and climbing frame, SMALL triangle with slide and climbing frame