An exciting learning adventure for little explorers! The Montessori Puzzle is a creatively designed puzzle set consisting of the alphabet base and all the letters, ideal for preschool and school-age children.

Each puzzle piece is carefully crafted to ensure a comfortable grip for children’s small hands, making it easy to manipulate and assemble the different shapes. The pieces are made of durable, safe and toxic-free material to ensure maximum safety during play.

The knobs on each letter make it easier for the child to grasp.

What makes the Montessori Puzzle so unique is its educational nature, which encourages logical thinking and letter recognition. Children will be engaged in identifying letters and placing them in order on the platform, thus becoming familiar with the alphabet.

They can play with the puzzle on their own or involve friends and family for a social and collaborative play experience.

Recommended age: 3+
Material: wood
Alphabet size: 22 x 30 cm