Pikler’s Foldable Triangle: what is it and what activities does it promote?


Pikler’s Foldable Triangle: promoting children’s motor and cognitive development

In the world of education dedicated to children, the Pikler Triangle collapsible or foldable has gained considerable popularity as a versatile and valuable tool for psycho-motor growth and development. Inspired by the revolutionary vision of Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler, this educational toy offers a range of features that encourage exploration, independence and cognitive development in young children.

Why the resealable version?

We are talking about a structure consisting of a series of wooden metal tubulars that form a kind of triangle, hence precisely the name. Its special feature lies in its ability to be folded to allow it to be easily stored in a corner when not in use. This makes it a practical and versatile educational game for a wide range of settings, from educational centers to private homes.

To whom is it addressed?

The Pikler Folding Triangle is intended for children of various ages, from infancy to early childhood. People tend to start using it as early as 10 months until 5/6 years of age, much in this case depends on the physical conformation of the child. Our version is made of birch wood, the best for this type of processing, and supports a weight of up to 65 kg. It is particularly suitable for children in motor development, giving them the opportunity to explore and experiment with movements in a safe and controlled manner.

What activities does it allow you to do?

This educational game opens the door to a wide range of activities and games that stimulate children’s physical and cognitive development. Some of the common activities include:

  • Climbing: Pikler’s Triangle offers children the opportunity to climb up and down the bars, developing muscle strength and motor coordination.
  • Exploration: children can explore the collapsible Pikler triangle through movement and touch, developing spatial and sensory awareness.
  • Role-playing: the wooden structure can be used as a starting point for role-playing and imagination, encouraging creativity and storytelling.

The Pikler Method

The Pikler Method is an educational philosophy developed by Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler during the 20th century. This pedagogical approach focuses on the importance of creating a respectful and stimulating environment for children that fosters their natural and autonomous development. Main features:

  • Respect for the child’s individuality: the Pikler Method recognizes that each child is a unique individual with his or her own needs, times and abilities. It promotes respect for the child’s personality and autonomy, allowing them to grow and learn at their own pace.
  • Freedom of movement: one of the key concepts of the Pikler Method is the promotion of freedom of movement for children. It is argued that children should have the time and space to explore and move freely, without being constantly controlled or constricted.
  • Autonomy: The Pikler Method encourages children’s autonomy from an early age. This means allowing them to make their own choices, solve their own problems, and make their own decisions independently, even if this involves some degree of risk or uncertainty.
  • Empathic relationships: emphasizes the importance of empathic and respectful relationships between adults and children. It is believed that a relationship based on affection, listening and empathy fosters an emotionally safe and stable environment for the child, which is essential for the child’s healthy and balanced development.


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