Triangles, cubes, swings and ramps! The Fabulous World of Pikler’s Pathways


In the world of child growth and development, Pikler’s Pathways emerges as an innovative and versatile resource. Conceived and designed to promote the motor, cognitive and emotional development of young children, these small gyms, which can be placed in the nursery or even outside, provide a safe and stimulating environment in which to explore and learn.

What activities were they designed for?

Pikler’s Pathways serve as a space for play and learning, providing opportunities for children to explore their bodies and the world around them independently. They stimulate the development of motor skills, improve balance and coordination, encourage creativity and autonomy, and promote a sense of security and confidence in one’s movements.

Children can thus climb Pikler’s Triangle, explore Pikler’s Cube, swing on the Rainbow Rocker or use it as a tunnel when flipped over, and still use the ramp to slide on one side and climb on the other. These activities not only provide genuine fun, but also help children develop their physical and cognitive skills naturally, independently, under the visual supervision of adults but without their direct intervention.

From what age are they used?

Pikler’s trails are designed to be used from a very young age, tending to start at 10 to 12 months, which is when they really begin to explore the world around them. As they grow and develop their motor skills, Pikler’s trails continue to offer play and learning opportunities appropriate to their stage of development. In the case of Mami Kids, we are talking about educational toys certified according to European standards so that they fulfill safety criteria. The wood used is birch, the best for this type of work, sanded so that it is splinter-free.

The combination of multiple games

One advantage of Pikler’s Pathways is the ability to combine different elements to create a complete and challenging game experience. For example, you can place the Pikler cube next to the triangle to create a more complex climbing challenge, or add a Montessori Rocker for a variety of movements. This versatility allows parents and educators to tailor the play experience to the child’s needs and abilities, ensuring continued fun and developmental progress.


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Our achievements:
– HERE , HERE, HERE (Pikler’s Foldable Triangle + Pikler’s Cube + Slide/Climbing Ramp)
JEEG ROBOT (Pikler’s Triangle + Pikler’s Cube + Ramp with Slide + Ramp with Slide/Climb)
BABY BOSS (Pikler’s Triangle + Rainbow Rocker + Ramp with Slide + Ramp with Slide/Climb)
SPACE JAM (Pikler Triangle + 2 Pikler Cubes + Ramp with Slide + Ramp with Slide/Climb)
THE FANTASTICS 4 (Pikler’s Triangle + Pikler’s Cube + Rainbow Rocker + Ramp with Slide + Ramp with Slide/Climb)


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